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For the most demanding palate

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Welcome to Cigarros J. Velez. Thanks to our selection of tobacco you can find cigars to satisfy your palate. Here you will find Papa Chan, Don Sotero, Robusto Cognac, Cohaba and Vélez Cigar. Contact our customer service department for any questions or comments you may have.

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Our origins

Tradition of our land

With the discovery of the new world, the conquerors were seduced when they saw the indigenous  Taínos smoking tobacco. Keeping this tradition, Cigars J. Vélez offers first class cigars, Papa Chan, Don Sotero, Robusto Cognac Vélez Cigars and Cohaba, to satisfy the demanding taste of the good smoker. Handmade, with different mixtures of tobacco including tobacco from Puerto Rico, which allows us to share a tradition and with it part of our inherited culture.


Cigarros J. Vélez was founded in 1998 in Cidra, Puerto Rico by its current owner, Javier Vélez. Vélez to honor the tradition of his grandfather (Don Sotero 1908-1999) and his great grandfather (Papa Chan 1885-1959) decides to create two premium cigar brands with their names, differentiating them with the wrapper. In Don Sotero we use maduro wrapper and Papa Chan, we use Cameroon wrapper.


Our passion is not only to make brands with names to honor a tradition, but also to maintain our goal which is to offer that satisfy tobacco enthusiasts worldwide. This fact makes our first buyers consecutive customers.


We hope you enjoy our work as much as we do.

For the most demanding palate...

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